Thursday, January 26, 2012


We most commonly refer to violence orders as AVO (Apprehended Violence Orders), however, there has always been a distinction; APVO and ADVO. APVO is Apprehended Personal Violence Order. ADVO is Apprehended Domestic Violence Order. The difference is ADVO usually arises from a domestic situation whereas APVO is fairly general, you can apply to the Court directly for an APVO without involving the police. You need to understand that either APVO and ADVO are both civil matters, it does not become a criminal matter until you breach the orders imposed by the violence orders. To challenge a violence order is costly and most of the time unnecessary, having a violence order against you does not imply you are of bad character; only when you breach the violence orders. The legal system know there are many people that use violence orders as leverage in their case or carrying out a personal vendetta, however So, if you find yourself in front of a Magistrate, depending on the situation it is quicker, easier and less stressful to explain your situation (orders may affect your visitation etc) then accept the order.

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