Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simple NSW road rules

Many people argue / debate about road rules and not sure if you should give way or not. After an accident, some are not even sure if they are in the right or not. Here are some simple rules.

When making an u-turn, you must give way to all traffic including pedestrians. Section 38 Road Rules 2008.
U-turn at traffic lights are not permitted unless there is a sign showing contrary. Section 40 Road Rules Act 2008.
So, when making an u-turn and there's a pedestrian there, do not give them the death stare or "how dare you walk so slowly" stare. You have to give way, and if you're at the lights, you're probably not permitted to make that u-turn anyways.

When the car behind you wants to overtake, let them go. You don't increase your speed to prove a point, they might be speeding but that's their problem and not yours, you're not the police. Section 145 Road Rules 2008.

Lane merging:
Lots of people have their misconceptions about who is in the right and wrong when it comes to collisions during a lane merge, many people are under the impression if you stick the nose of your car in front you're in the right of way, wrong.

If both lanes are marked and if one lane is coming to an end then the lane coming to an end must give way irrespective of who is in front. Section 148 Road Rules 2008.

If the lane is wide enough to accommodate 2 cars and there are no lane markings then the car in front has the right of way. Section 149 Road Rules 2008.

I don't know why there are confusion with the terminologies Stopping, Standing and Parking. Can you stand in a area that is marked "No Parking"? In order of priority it is No Stopping, followed by No Standing then No Parking. What are differences between the 3?

No stopping - Section 167 Road Rules 2008. You must not stop in areas marked No Stopping.
No Standing - Section 167-1 Road Rules 2008. You are permitted to stop to pickup or drop off passengers.
No Parking - Section 168 Road Rules 2008. You can stop your car in a No Parking zone providing you do not leave your vehicle. If you are further than 3 metres from your vehicles, you are considered to have left your vehicle. You can remain for 5 minutes in this area.

I hope that clarifies some things, if you want any more rules, just leave a comment.

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